iVET birth fever monitoring wins Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards in the USA



“Difficult” was the word many of our judges used when selecting the “Top 10” entries in this year’s Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards program.
The judges – including farmers, academia and industry representative across all geographic regions of the country – evaluated 55 entries, all introduced since World Dairy Expo of last year.
Winners were announced at a special Dairy Herd Management World Dairy Expo 2014 reception. Our People’s Choice award winner, selected in a separate online voting, will be announced in the November issue of Dairy Herd Management.
These new products may provide a hint of where we are going, and also a look into the areas where dairy producers want further exploration. Whether its milk, manure, heat, fever, money or mycotoxins, these products represent a broad range of innovation, and a sign our suppliers will continue to innovate to make dairy farm life and management better.

The iVET is a birth fever monitoring device. If you spend nights waking up to check whether or not cows are calving, the IVET calving and fever alert monitor could be for you.

iVET birth fever monitoring is a management tool which helps you to detect early the start of calving in cows. Additionally iVET constantly monitors the body temperature and easily detects early signs of diseases connected to a raising body temperature. Up to 10 transmitters can be linked to a single receiver. Multiple receivers can be operated in parallel.

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