Dr. Franz Schlederer receives the JOSEF BAYER MEDAL and reports first results of a GYN-STICK practitioner survey.

The inventor of the obstetric tool GYN-STICK – Dr. Franz Schlederer from Austria – received the JOSEF BAYER MEDAL. We were honoured to congratulate Dr. Schlederer for this prize at our visit to Germany and Austria in April/May 2015. The 9th of April, the “Gesellschaft der Freunde der Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien” (an association of the Veterinary University of Vienna) awarded Dr. Schlederer with the Medal in Vienna. Dr. Schlederer was distinguished among other things for his innovative bovine obstetric tool GYN-STICK. The medal of honour, named after the former president of the university and surgeon Prof. Dr. Dr. Josef Bayer (1847 – 1925), is given to Veterinarians as a sign for special appreciation for scientific achievements.

Ivan Wright congratulates Dr. Schlederer:
Ivan Wright with Dr. Franz Schlederer klein

The GYN-STICK is an innovative bovine obstetric tool, which is now also available in Australia. It has been available for over 3 years in Germany and Austria and is used by over 400 vets in their daily practice.

“Approx. 2000 Veterinarians worldwide are using the bovine obstetric tool now worldwide,” said Franz proud.

University undertook survey in over 50 Vet practises

The University of Gießen recently finished a survey in where they had given online questionnaires to 54 German and 5 Austrian Vet practises which were using the GYN-STICK over one year.

The first main findings of the study:
– Majority of respondent were female Vets (almost 57 %)
– Age of practitioners was even distributed

Most frequent usages of the GYN-STICK were
– twisted uterus
– correction of mal-positioning
– displaced extremities
– avoidance of fetotomy

More results:
– Over 90 % of the Veterinarians are convinced that the instrument reduces the duration of dystocia (independent of sex).
– 44 % estimate a time reduction of 30 – 50 % during a incidence (independent of sex)
– 84 % of the Veterinarians are convinced that the instrument is a more effective lifesaver than traditional instruments
– 45 % reported a reduction of 30 % and more stillborns
– All users are convinced that it is less exhausting to use a GYN-stick in comparison to other tools
– All users which treat 3 or more dystocia cases per week fully recommend the new tool

“Veterinarians should consider using this tool to reduce the physical impact of difficult calving’s on themselves as well as newborn calves” – summarized Franz Schlederer.

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