GYN®-Stick – better bovine obstetric


A new and revolutionary tool for obstetrics for use in cattle & horses


With the 1 m long GYN-stick (out of flexible high durable medical plastic) it is now possible to have a combination tool that derives from existing and experienced instruments. It is a modern and safe torsion fork with additional function as an obstetrical crutch:

– Torsio uteri with one rope
– Torsio uteri with 2 rope method and 2 persons
– Correction of displaced extremities (Kühn’s crutch)

Look at the different options in this Manual:


“At least 6 options for a better bovine obstetric success with healthier calves out of dystocia cases can be resolved” presented Dr. Bootz (Austria) at the WORLD BUIATRIC CONGRESS (WBC) in Cairns/Australia 2014.

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