HEAD-Hunter – premium calf snare



HEAD-hunter – a high quality premium calf snare!

The Head-hunter is tighter than any other existing product. With that, allowing to guide alongside the inner layer of the uterus, enabling to catch the head or legs of the calf where the hand is too short to grab the extremities.

Get the calf`s head or extremities much quicker and easier and save precious time during dystocia. The HEAD-hunter is also useful during C-section to get and fix the calf.

Just put the HEAD-hunter around the calf`s legs and the outer membrane of the uterus to fix the calf. An appropriate and clear-cut incision guarantees faster heeling and therefore a better fertility! It helps saving time!

Head-Hunter C-section

Head-hunter C-section 2

HEAD-hunter is not simply a calf-loop, it is the premium calf snare and choice on the market.

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HEAD hunter in total

Stainless steel ring:
Stainless steel ring for rope premium design

Adjusting collar, stainless stell loop covered by plastic shelter:
Adjusting collar, stainless stell loop covered by plastic shelter

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